Hi, I am Purvi Tantia.

First of all, Thank You so much for coming on my page.

“I am a mother, an author, a study abroad and scholarship coach, an overseas education consultant  a global citizen with an Indian Passport, an education reporter and a life long learner” 

I grew up in the New Delhi – The Capital City of this awesome country called India and now I live in Mumbai – The Financial Capital of the country closest to my heart.

Coincidently, India has been a country i.e. close to the hearts of many people I have met on my travels across the world to more than 30 countries.  There was a time, when I used to remember the exact number of countries I have travelled, but somewhere in the last five years I have lost the count. I am certainly not very close to reaching the list of 72 countries that I had made about a decade back.

I started professionally consulting students for their education abroad in the year 2008-2009 but informally I was consulting my siblings on their educational choices from the time I was in high school. All the eldest siblings reading this will resonate with me on that for sure. The year of 2018-2019 is a big year for me because I complete a decade of consulting students to reach the universities of their choice and making a career out of their passion.

My idea of consulting students is beyond sending them to higher education abroad. My idea is to prepare them for the career and the later success. My idea is to start making them think on what they want in life and how they ensure that their study abroad experience gives them a jump start to reach the pinnacle of success in their lives.

Many a times, parents and students ask me – what led me to become a study abroad and scholarship coach. The question reminds of me my time in Australia where I was studying on Australian Government’s Endeavour Scholarship and working with the university’s international office on some projects they had with respect to admission of students from India. Looking at these pages below make me nostalgic still and they made me wonder what got me to win that prestigious scholarship.


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Once I had the answers to my questions of how I won the scholarship and how I made use of my precious time in Australia, I knew that I could pass on that knowledge to others and hence I formed my company ACE Overseas Education Consultants which has so far made a positive impact on thousands of students, and I am on a mission to reach out to millions of students across the globe with the message to ‘study to make your passion your career and then prove the world that the attempt was worth it’.