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24th June 2009 – I had received my first contract from a university to represent them in India and recruit students from the country with is set to become the world’s youngest country.  I am glad that I have done justice to the confidence that the university showed in me by giving me the first contract and help me bail out of the ‘chicken and the egg situation’ where most universities ask for references of other universities to give the contract. It’s about a decade since then and we are going strong with my first represented university and with many more which followed afterwards.

Today, I have a long list of the universities that I represent and together with that every year I have a long list of students who went to the universities which I did not represent. This is because I thought it was fair to ask the students and the parents to pay a fee for consulting for the universities which I do not represent or for any value addition that we could provide at a cost.

In the decade, I have been to many universities that I represented and I have been to the universities which I do not represent. My interactions with students and professors at represented universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Dubai or Singapore has been as insightful as with non represented universities like Harvard, Stanford or Yale.

When I consult for a represented university, I have an insider view of the institution from the admissions team; but when I consult for a non represented university, I work towards getting an insider view from the students and professors. My presence at ‘The Future of Work Conference by Harvard Business School’ brought a better understanding of what Harvard University expects from its students, applicants and alumni. Similarly, my presence in the international seminar conducted my Mr. Rob Brown (I can certainly call him the Yoda of international education industry) brought me closer to the expectations of the students from the international universities.

It has been a decade of me serving the world on the mission of helping students realise their study abroad goals and I feel I have something new to learn every single day from the universities and from my students. Being a life long learner could not have been easier in any other role for sure.





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