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15th March 2017 – I held my baby in my arms for the first time and in a moment, I was a new Purvi. Over 24 hours of labor was worth that moment as I was blessed with the most precious gift I could ever ask for. I did not have the courage to hold her by myself while walking out of the Breach Candy Hospital and so, my mother held her on the way and in the car, till we reached our home. Every bit of my heart and soul was saying Thank You to my mother for everything she has done for me. I am sure my eyes said that all to her.

27th November 2018 – It has been over 20 months since then and I have had the best time of my life in the last 20 months. I have re-learnt to live and this practice is what has made me a better person. I now eat on the floor with her and not on the dining table (all mother’s would know it’s easier to clean the floor than the dining chairs). I now sing and dance on the nursery rhymes at any time of the day. I now use pulses and grains to draw a tree on paper. Most importantly, I try and let go easily of anything that disturbs me as I want to have a smile on my face every time my daughter sees me.

So, I am trying to live as a student of my daughter, than the vice versa.

And in the process, I am sharing the lessons I learnt here on this blog and I am sure I will learn a lot in due time from all the parents reading this.

Lesson 1 – Crossing the line and Making me Proud


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