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Amazon knows my name!

28th November 2018 – It’s by birthday today. I started work at 3.45am and was glad to see the first ray of light in the sky at about 6.22am. Thanks to the beautiful view of Arabian sea from my drawing room, I could see the sea and the sky merging in colour in front of my eyes at 6.45am (as I am writing this now).

Three minutes back, I opened Amazon.com – a site I frequently visit to shop books and I type author’s name on the search box to find the book easily . But, today was different as in the search box – rather than writing another author’s name – I wrote my own name. Three days back, Amazon had asked me for my book for review and I had submitted with full confidence that I had done justice to the title of the book but the first time author in me was somewhere nervous. The final submission of my book to Amazon came up with a small note that we will take 72 hours for our reviewers to review your book and if it complies with all the standards that we have – then we will have the book on sale on amazon global marketplaces. I was waiting with crossed fingers for the approval to come.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 6.42.54 am

I think it was meant to come today to me as my birthday gift. After this gift from Amazon, I have a birthday resolution for myself – I will ensure this is the first book in my name, but not last. I have a birthday resolution that each book of mine will be written with the aim of making a positive impact to the lives of the people who read it. I have a birthday resolution that with each book that I write, I will become a better version of myself. On that note, Happy Birthday To Me and I wish myself a fulfilling year ahead.

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