Study Abroad Counselling

The first step to know if you really want to study abroad now or later is to understand what is the right time for you to study abroad or the right time to start the application process. We can help you find your answers.

University Admissions

We’re dedicated to make sure that your university admissions process is seamless and it showcases ‘the best in you’ to the university admissions team. That’s why we provide end to end solution including admission profiling; course, country and university selection assistance; CV, Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation Review Assistance and Application Submission Assistance.

Scholarship Assistance

Scholarships are competitive and rare. It is for students who can dare to dream big and work towards it wholeheartedly. If your heart and mind says that you have proved your mettle in every field so far and you are right at the top of your studies and extra-curricular, we can help you find a path to pursue to get your desired scholarships.

Pre-Departure Assistance

Settling in a new country can be over-whelming. In order to ease out the settlement, we guide you on aspects that needs to be taken care before you move out of the country. It includes cultural awareness, accommodation booking, personality grooming and preparing you to win ahead.

Post-Landing Assistance

Our goal is to help you start and live your study abroad journey with courage and conviction. So, if there is anything with which we can assist you even after you land in the country of your choice, we will be happy to help.


Most Importantly,

We guide you on how to live your study abroad experience wisely

Studying Abroad is a fascinating experience, and we have seen that most times, being guided on what to do and what not to do through this journey helps. We can assist you with planning your study abroad journey and then living it as you dreamt of it. Contact us to know about how can we help you with:

  • Job Seeking Tips for Part Time Jobs
  • Academic Tips to Study Abroad
  • Managing Money While Studying Abroad
  • Enriching your skills while studying abroad
  • Networking and Socialising while studying abroad
  • Seeking full time jobs post study abroad

Other Value Added (Before Studying Abroad) Services Include: 

  • Personality Grooming Before Studying Abroad
  • Memory Training Before Studying Abroad