8 Trending Course Options In India in 2019 for Indian students who pursued commerce in high school

We are very close to completing the second decade of the 21st century and in the fast changing world, we have some new trending degree options in light and some traditional ones continue to dominate the interests of the students across India and the globe. So, here are 9 most trending degrees for commerce students… Read More

Q: My child is 21 year old and wants to do an MBA abroad? What is the right time for MBA and where should he do an MBA from? Which country is better?

Answer By Purvi Tantia: As humans we often get into a herd mentality and try and follow what people in large groups are doing. One of such things is doing an MBA. Sharing my personal story first. As a BCom(H) student, studying in Lady Shriram College in Delhi University, I was inclined to study MBA,… Read More